Charter is to be a forum for the discussion of all aspects of professional wrestling. As such, all manner of discussion related to professional wrestling is considered to be on-topic, including but not limited to:

  1. Show reports,
  2. Discussions of match, house show, television show and PPV results and quality (or lack thereof),
  3. Discussions of the business aspects of pro wrestling such as angles, booking, promoting, acquisition and development of talent, including speculation as to the future,
  4. History of pro wrestling,
  5. Personal experiences, and anecdotes on pro wrestling,
  6. Discussion of upcoming house shows, television programs, PPVs and matches,
  7. Discussion of secondary media such as tapes, newsletters, and websites,
  8. Limited announcements of upcoming shows, television/radio programs, PPVs and matches,
  9. Regularly posted FAQs and FAQ related documents,
  10. All posts to Rec.Sports.Pro-Wrestling.Info ("RSPWI"), to be posted by the moderator of RSPWI to RSPWM unless requested by the author that the article not be posted to RSPWM,
  11. Other forms of sports entertainment for which no group currently exists.
The following items are off-topic, and may be rejected by the moderation team:
  1. Encoded binaries, or requests for binaries.
  2. HTML-encoded posts.
  3. Blank posts.
  4. Articles with all quoted text, and no original text. Such posts as a "me too" are also off-topic by this criteria.
  5. Duplicate posts, either by accident or design.
  6. Spews or floods of a large number of articles for a single individual or group.
  7. Posts written as if the poster were a professional wrestling persona. Such posts include works of fiction (e.g. the RSPWF).
  8. "News posts" that are intended to be taken seriously (not obviously satire) but are patently untrue. Known false rumors are also considered off topic by this criteria.
  9. Requests for the posting of information, when that information can be reasonably be expected to be posted shortly, shall be rejected. (ex. PPV results, FAQs). If appropriate, the moderator may mail such information, or the location of such information, directly to the poster (ex. FAQs).
  10. Posts whose primary purpose is to advertise for a web page.
  11. Any advertisement that has been posted to RSPWM within the previous fourteen days.
  12. A post that, in the opinion of the moderator, in whole or in part, is meant to insult or anger any poster or reader of the newsgroup (aka a "flame") is considered off topic and shall be rejected. [Posts that are directed at the content of a previous post are acceptable; ad homeneim attacks are not.]
  13. A post that, in the opinion of the moderator, in whole or in part, is meant to provoke any poster or reader of the newsgroup (aka a "troll") is considered off topic and shall be rejected.
  14. Any post that, in the opinion of the moderator, does not contain on topic material. This may include posts with some on-topic content, or with an "ObWrestling," if in the opinion of the moderator the post is essentially off topic.
The moderators shall not use personal opinion as to the "quality" of the post in determining approval/rejection. All posts shall be approved except where rejection criteria is specified.

It is expected that this charter will be modified by the readership over time as needed. The procedure for modification will be similar to standard Usenet guidelines, except as follows:

Moderation Policy

Moderation will be performed using the Secure Team-based Usenet Moderation Program (STUMP), hosted by Christopher Robin Zimmerman. Where practicable, the following procedures will be followed by the moderation team: