Frequently Asked Questions documents for RSPWM

The following are URLs to various useful documents on the World Wide Web. These documents answer many of the Frequently Asked Questions in the hierarchy. If your question is answered by one of these documents, the moderators will point you to the answer rather than approve the post. If your answer isn't in there, but should be, we'll likely answer it for you then bug the maintainer of the apopropriate list :)

Suggestions for additions to this list of URLs can be made to

Various versions of the FAQ for RSPWM. (Not very well) maintained by Christopher Robin Zimmerman.

Pro Wrestling Title Histories is maintained by Hisaharu Tanabe.

The official RSPW Finishing Moves List is maintained by Scott Lacy.

The U.S. Independent Promotions Database is maintained by The Dark Cheetah.

"Wrestlers - Where are they now?" is maintained via email by Richard James.

The RSPW* Hierarchy FAQ is maintained by Christopher Robin Zimmerman.

Terms Used in Pro Wrestling is maintained at

Pro Wrestling Tour Dates is maintained by Danny Porter.

Deceased Wrestlers/Promoters/Announcers is maintained by Gary Will.

Wrestling Supercards & Tournaments

The FAQ is maintained by Satyr.

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